No one truly knows the origin of the small bronze children sitting embraced in wonder adjacent to the downtown library, so we had no problem inducting them into the Art Crossing. Some say it was the early forties when two children (who never listened to their parents) were playing in the park while tearing the wings from a butterfly. However it was no regular butterfly, but a vengeful woodland faerie nymph intent on teaching these children a lesson. Just like that-POOF! The little scamps were transmogrified into sad bronze remembrance of their naughty little lives. There is much to see, but even more to be learned from the magical lesson that ended the wee mortal coils forever resting alongside the Eastern boundary of the library’s foundation; eat your vegetables, listen to your mom and never torture a butterfly.

Participating Pieces:

Kids on a Bench (Photo by Hayes Novich Photo)

Kids on a Bench

Medium: Bronze Donated by Thomas & Deborah Lightner | Price: GAC Permanent Collection | Location: Bozeman Public Library | Location Sponsor: Bozeman Public Library