Dana Kuglin

Dana Kuglin

Kuglin graduated from MSU in 1990 with a BFA in graphic design leading to full time sculpting in 1997. A lover of reconstituted materials and large form sculpture, Dana creates his naturally inspired pieces in conjunction with his client base. Using the foundation of their expectations and the relationship between both ends to form a project from inception to completion, giving each piece a unique weight and presence.

Kuglin’s love of large-scale public pieces and collaborative entities makes the Art Crossing a perfect home for an artist already involved with the Face of Utah and Art Around the Corner exhibitions in West Valley City and Saint George, Utah respectively.

Participating Pieces:

A Natural Uprising

A Natural Uprising

Medium: Found Objects & Steel | Price: $37,700 | Location: Bozeman Public Library | Location Sponsor: Bozeman Public Library

Chameleon (Photo by Ben Johnson)


Price: Not For Sale | Location: Tattoo Alley | Location Sponsor: Pacific Steel

Golden Opportunity (Photo by Ben Johnson)

Golden Opportunity

Medium: Steel | Price: $12,000 | Location: Behind First Interstate Bank | Location Sponsor: First Interstate Bank

Re Balance

Re Balance

Medium: Repurposed Steel & Aluminum | Price: $23,000 | Location: Bozeman Sculpture Park | Location Sponsor: The Cannery District

Steel Flight (Photo by Ben Johnson)

Steel Flight

Medium: Steel | Price: $12,000 | Location: Alfred Stiff Building | Location Sponsor: Superfluous Industries