Gary Bates

Gary Bates

Born in Bozeman in 1946, Gary began his sculpting career on his father’s ranch, where his earliest creations began to climb skyward at mile intervals across his family’s fields. The scale of most Bates sculptures is grand (or mighty, if you will) and resonates with an interesting and passive focus. Gary sees his art as a medium for others to understand the elements in a new light. Large and simple, most of his sculptures are kinetic, each reacting differently to their medium of locomotion.

Participating Pieces:

Red Whirly (Photo by Brian Helgeson)

Red Whirly

Medium: Steel & Iron | Price: GAC Permanent Collection | Location: Bozeman Public Library | Location Sponsor: Bozeman Library Foundation & Friends of the Bozeman Library

Wind Totem (Photo by Hayes Novich Photo)

Wind Totem

Medium: Stainless Steel | Price: $30,000 | Location: Bozeman Sculpture Park | Location Sponsor: Kainz Family Foundation