Pete Stecher

Pete Stecher

A climber and sculptor, Pete’s organic sculptures have moved into the Gallatin Art Crossing to the delight of business owners and visitors to the gallery. Pete moved to Bozeman from Germany in 1986 and ran a woodshop until he became bored with the medium. Moving on to stone and steel, Stetcher has reached a comfortable place with his art, further expanding into this combined medium on an increasing scale that promises to make us feel inspired and maybe a little smaller for years to come.

Participating Pieces:

Comet (Photo by Ben Johnson)


Medium: Steel & Stone | Location: CTA Architects | Location Sponsor: Kleimer Family


Medium: Steel | Location: Emerson Center For The Arts & Culture | Location Sponsor: Emerson Center For The Arts & Culture



Medium: Steel & Stone | Price: $1,950 | Location: 777 Building | Location Sponsor: Nicholas Wickes

Nomad (Photo by Ben Johnson)


Medium: Steel & Stone | Price: $5,000 | Location: Bozeman Library | Location Sponsor: Below 32 Design

Turning Stone (Photo by Ben Johnson)

Turning Stone

Medium: Steel & Stone | Price: GAC Permanent Collection | Location: Shoefly Shoes | Location Sponsor: PLONK