Brian Scott

Brian Scott

Brian Scott received his BFA from MSU-Billings. He has shown his work extensively in Montana, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah and is represented in public and private collections across the country.

“My art is a relic of my existence. The process by which I generate my art is simply by living through the experiences of my life. My work takes place simply through being, and my own inherent desire to express my creative energy through a physical medium. I am working on art during most moments of my life. From the small to the large – all behavior, emotion, and interactions are the energy making up and appropriating themselves into the pieces. My work is a lifetime of these appropriations.” – Brian Scott

Participating Pieces:

Persephone Post Industrial (Photo by Hayes Novich Photo)

Persephone Post Industrial

Medium: Steel & Glass | Price: $27,900 | Location: Emerson Center For The Arts & Culture | Location Sponsor: Emerson Center For The Arts & Culture