Daryl Paulson

Daryl Paulson

Paulson’s work is comprised of primarily recycled welded metal and occupies territory at the Downtown library, east main, soroptimus park and outside city hall.  After moving to the medium, Daryl has come to treat his art as a method of catharsis, seeing it as the development of feeling and thought into physical existence. The pieces exhibiting this spirit in the Art Crossing are both very human in their construction, befitting of an emotional product.

Participating Pieces:

Ascending Squares (Photo by Ben Johnson)

Ascending Squares

Medium: Steel | Price: $9,000 | Location: Creekside Park | Location Sponsor: The Lark

The Big Cube (Photo by Ben Johnson)

The Big Cube

Medium: Steel | Price: GAC Permanent Collection | Location: Music Villa | Location Sponsor: Music Villa