Danny Kraus

Danny Kraus

For over three decades, Kraus called a patch of ground alongside the Jocko River outside of Arlee his home.  But over the course of his lifetime, he sought out encounters with the forces of nature all over the globe—working on fishing and research vessels on the Pacific, working with big cats in Africa, and elephants in Oregon. 

His sculptures give voice to the elemental forces he so loves, and their imprint on him.  Holding a drawing he made of Buddhist monks meditating in front of Mount Fuji, Danny makes a point about how and why he makes art.  Like those monks, his art making process allows him to be “still before the hugeness of the world but creating and entering into the beauty of it, and becoming part of it and not separate from the nature.

Participating Pieces:

Between Earth & Sky (Photo by Ben Johnson)

Between Earth & Sky

Medium: Steel & Stain Glass | Price: GAC Permanent Collection | Location: Soroptimist Park | Location Sponsor: Midway Rental

Three Ancient Harmonies (Photo by Hayes Novich Photo)

Three Ancient Harmonies

Medium: Steel & Granite | Price: GAC Permanent Collection | Location: Bozeman Sculpture Park | Location Sponsor: Chuck Peck & Yuryra Guzman

Wind Catcher (Photo by Hayes Novich Photo)

Wind Catcher

Medium: Steel | Price: $7,800 | Location: Emerson Center For The Arts & Culture | Location Sponsor: Emerson Center For The Arts & Culture