Kendra McKlosky

Kendra McKlosky

Kendra lived in Bozeman, MT as a child, in fact she recalled meeting her Grandmother for the first time when she was 4 only 50′ from the BSP in Lindley Park! She went to high school in Whitehall, and studied under me at the Univ. of Montana for 4 years in Sculpture. After obtaining her BFA in Sculpture, she moved to a ranch outside Deer Lodge for 1 year and worked for a company collecting and analyzing soil samples for hazardous content. She has been working/living at the B-Bar Ranch in Emigrant, MT since April. She has a strong emerging presence in the Montana art scene.

Kendra’s work is intentionally playful, high spirited, and pop. She remains optimistic and neutral despite subject matter involving mining, heavy mineral embedment in the landscape, and remediation. Spending significant time in the mining culture of Butte, MT opened Kendra’s eyes to these systems of discovery, depletion, spoil, and recovery.

Participating Pieces:

Twice Removed (Photo by Hayes Novich Photo)

Twice Removed

Medium: Steel & Asphalt | Price: GAC Permanent Collection | Location: Bozeman Sculpture Park | Location Sponsor: Bozeman Public Library