Kirsten Kainz

Kirsten Kainz

Originally from Chicago, Kirsten was tempted to Montana from Vermont by her boyfriend after receiving her BFA in metal work originally intended for jewelry. She found her creations tended to take place on a much larger scale, and soon trained as a blacksmith to further her vision. Giant and ostentatious, her creations definitely left the realm of jewelry and grew into something far more organic in the Big Sky.

Participating Pieces:



Medium: Iron | Price: $2,100 | Location: Downtown Bozeman | Location Sponsor: Sawyer Kainz

Buckeye (Photo by Hayes Novich Photo)


Medium: Recycled Steel | Price: $6,800 | Location: Parking Garage | Location Sponsor: Leslie A. Hayes

Butterfly (Photo by Hayes Novich Photo)


Medium: Recycled Steel | Price: $3,600 | Location: Emerson Center For The Arts & Culture | Location Sponsor: Emerson Center For The Arts & Culture



Medium: Iron | Price: $22,000 | Location: Bozeman Library | Location Sponsor: Central Insurance Agency


Medium: Iron & Powder Coating | Price: $5,200 | Location: Starky's

Tortoise (Photo by Ben Johnson)


Medium: Recycled Iron | Price: GAC Permanent Collection | Location: Visions West Gallery | Location Sponsor: Quinn Kainz