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Alex Buck Mixes Into The Art Crossing.

Alex Buck and his creations within and out of the Gallatin Art Crossing surge from the creative energy of an entrepreneur, sculptor, father and gearhound embracing the fluctuations and ephemeral nature of art. Born in Massachusetts and raised in Maine, …

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Daryl Paulson - Ascending Sqaures

Daryl Paulson To Present At Bozeman Public Library

Local sculptor and business owner Daryl Paulson will present at the third Gallatin Art Crossing Public Lecture Series on Tuesday, April 15th at the Bozeman Public Library. Owner of Bioscience Laboratories, a veteran and Gallatin Art Crossing contributor, Daryl …

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Kirsten Kainz

By: Kali Gillette

Not many women take their first job out of art school as a blacksmith, but Kirsten Kainz isn’t just any woman. It wasn’t long before she began sculpting on her own, doing personal commissions and participating in …

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Erik ‘Ole’ Nelson

By: Kali Gillette

“Anything you can draw, you can cut.”

Ole Nelson bought his sign shop with 9 months left of college. Twenty years later, it’s a thriving business, which has provided him with the equipment and techniques to create …

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Kendra McKlosky

By: Kali Gillette

“Superfund” and “Art” generally don’t go hand in hand, but Kendra McKlosky is changing that.

McKlosky’s permanent donation to the Bozeman Sculpture Park is as historically significant as it is beautiful. Her piece, titled “Twice Removed” is …

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Iron Man: Remuda of Sculptures and Equine Art

Unlike other herds, Dolan’s 39-head strong remuda is made of steel, 4,000-feet of frayed black rope, bed liner and blue paint.

Article From: John Deere Journal

Sporting a grey cowboy hat stained by the sweat of many hours of labor, …

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Billis Sculpts Growth

Mitch Billis is a craftsman. Creating large and small-scale bronze sculptures, Mitch’s efforts have populated numerous exhibitions and installations, but the process and spirit behind this success are the craft of his life as an artist. Historically, his creations and …

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Ole Nelson Q And A

The Gallatin Art Crossing (GAC) is home to many regional and local sculptors, among which Eric “Ole” Nelson is an integral mainstay, contributing his tall and well-received sculptures from the first installation to the most recent. His Hyalite canyon cabin …

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Ryan Rickert and his Clean Slate Group vinyl wrap outside the coop downtown.

Clean Slate Group Fills Local Need For Gallatin Art Crossing Collaboration And Downtown Aesthetics.

Krista Morey - Gallatin Gallivant

The Gallatin Art Crossing (GAC) downtown sculpture exhibit is expansive, open and varied, allowing the incredible artists within it to explore the space and spirit of an installation. In July of 2012, the GAC joined forces with another creative element …

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Art Crossing Workshops Available.

At the Gallatin Art Crossing we love art in all incarnations. To spread this thick and syrupy love there will be a series of intimate artist workshops oriented towards you, the art lover. Each class focuses on a specific medium …

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