Clean Slate Group Fills Local Need For Gallatin Art Crossing Collaboration And Downtown Aesthetics.

Clean Slate Group Fills Local Need For Gallatin Art Crossing Collaboration And Downtown Aesthetics.

Krista Morey - Gallatin Gallivant

The Gallatin Art Crossing (GAC) downtown sculpture exhibit is expansive, open and varied, allowing the incredible artists within it to explore the space and spirit of an installation. In July of 2012, the GAC joined forces with another creative element in Bozeman to incorporate downtown’s aesthetic improvement power box project already established by the Clean Slate Group (CSG). Providing top-notch vinyl processing and printing, the CSG has improved and beautified public eyesores in the name of graffiti defense and public presentation by wrapping power boxes with vinyl sheets showcasing local artists. The CSG previously installed a similar program in Minneapolis, MN featuring local photographers showcasing diversity across downtown.

In Bozeman, this concept was adapted to bring local artists together in celebration of the unique vision and imagery of Rocky Mountain culture. In downtown the power boxes have been wrapped to feature 11 different artists and their creations while improving aesthetic and defying graffiti with a solution fitting perfectly into the GAC. By integrating the new wrapped power boxes into the GAC installation, CSG tapped into the infrastructure of promotion and creativity that accompanies Bozeman’s largest outdoor sculpture exhibit while contributing in an individual aspect.

The wrapped power boxes feature artists within 50 miles of Bozeman, each providing a beautiful and unique approach to the bland metal so coAnna Edelen - Indian Animalsmmon in the modern world. The vinyl itself is a unique creation: by blending the options available to a company like CSG, Ryan Rickert (president and founder of CSG) is able to formulate his own special blend of herbs and spices to wrap unique, curved surfaces with a wrap brilliant, appealing and graffiti resistant. The next phase of CSG is far more widespread, reaching out to Portland, OR, Great Falls and West Yellowstone in Montana. The idea that public eyesores can be remedied in a productive, creative and locally funded manner is infectious and catching traction in every way. Incorporation to the GAC is a near-perfect match, connected and built through the Downtown Business Partnership and the hard work of volunteers and CSG superstars. Information on the GAC and CSG can be found at and respectively.

The Art Crossing exhibit hosts a variety of artwork introducing viewers to many artistic approaches. The goal of the program is to add at least one piece to the permanent collection each year and expand further throughout downtown, hopefully bringing unique works to optimal locations. The entries for this year will be posted on the Art Crossing website and opened for public voting until the installation date. We prefer this level of community

involvement and interaction for the art that we are placing for the public’s benefit.  The involved fundraising behind the Crossing incorporates a variety of techniques and entities such as community challenges and the solicitation of individuals and businesses for contributions, not to mention the hours of work from the board and volunteers.

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