Local Artist Behind 20-foot Sculpture

Local Artist Behind 20-foot Sculpture

By Morgan Brown, Chronicle Staff Writer
Bozeman Daily Chronicle – Dec 1, 2015

A 20-foot-tall sculpture is set to be installed on Main Street this morning.

The artist, EJ Engler, has been sculpting for 30 years. An architect and the founder of the design company Medicine Hat Inc., Engler designs and builds everything from furniture to cabins to home interiors.

The new downtown sculpture is a boat-like structure which will stand 20 feet high on tipi-like poles. Engler describes the statue as representative of Bozeman’s history.

“Bozeman has a deep history of coming and going. Historically, it’s a point of arrival and a point of departure,” he said.

In the late 1800s, people looking to settle out West would stop in Bozeman for help and guidance on the frontier, Engler said.

“It really exemplifies that idea of transition, of coming and going. It symbolizes stepping out of one place and onto the next,” he said.

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