Billis Sculpts Growth

Billis Sculpts Growth

Sculptures awaiting the next evolution.

Mitch Billis is a craftsman. Creating large and small-scale bronze sculptures, Mitch’s efforts have populated numerous exhibitions and installations, but the process and spirit behind this success are the craft of his life as an artist. Historically, his creations and efforts have been fueled by his devotion to family and the invigorating inspiration of life as a father, husband and creator. His sculpture, ‘My Story’ located outside the Bozeman Public Library as part of the Gallatin Art Crossing, is very evocative of his family’s influence. As his youngest enters college, Mitch is reaching forward with a new hunger and method stemming from but not entirely motivated by his previous catalysts. Recently he finished a project involving the collaboration of students at Longfellow Elementary to create individual tiles for a peace pole outside the school, a step towards progression. New mediums and far more collaboration bridge his current state to the next evolution. He has begun taking steps towards maintaining a collaborative workshop and sharing influence; “I like adding fuel to the fire, and the energy of collaborating with other artists is what I enjoy and look forward to.”

Earlier in his travels, Mitch spent time working in Maine near the sea, a time he remembers with the excitement he feels renewed. He is not moving away from his family’s inspiration (his son now casts with him at Northwest Artcasting), he wants to collaborate and teach with different influence. Working with the help of the students on the pole is a flake in the snowball.

Mitch wants to see the art presence in Bozeman grow into a grander public scale. A goal he aims to aid by bringing artists together in a creative and mutually beneficial environment. Uniting the atmospheres of artistic productivity, classes and unique gallery space will provide momentum to the consistent collaboration he wants.

As all of this evolution progresses, Mitch keeps at his skilled work at Northwest Artcasting surrounded by a family of inspiring friends and colleagues, looking to work on the horizon with a smile.

The Gallatin Art Crossing exhibit hosts a variety of sculpture introducing viewers to many artistic approaches. The goal of the program is to add at least one piece to the permanent collection each year and expand further throughout downtown, bringing unique works to optimal locations. The entries for this year will be posted on the Art Crossing website at for public voting until the installation date. This level of community involvement and interaction for the art placed for the public’s benefit encourages interaction.  The involved fundraising behind the GAC incorporates a variety of techniques and entities such as community challenges alongside the contributions of individuals and businesses in addition to hours of work from board members and volunteers.